The Kvisp bike seat is designed for dogs up to 12 kg. Dogs, just like humans, come in different shapes and sizes and some will fit better than others. The combination of the max weight and dog's body length and width will help you assess whether your furry friend is likely to fit and ride comfortably.

If Kvisp seat doesn't fit - not to worry, you can return your Kvisp seat in 30 days.

Kvisp Seat Dimensions

Use these dimensions if you like to see how your dog will fit and also how much space the Kvisp seat will take on your bike.

Two harness sizes

During check-out you can select your preferred harness size. We offer two sizes - S for miniature and small breeds and M for small to medium breeds.

Before you buy

How to measure your dog

Check your dog's body length and width to make sure they'll fit comfortably.

  • Tail to neck length should not exceed 50 cm.
  • Body width not greater than 20cm (fluffy fur excluded)

Popular breeds that ride with Kvisp comfortably

Ride with Kvisp

Discover the joy of biking together with your dog