Installation Videos

This guide provides video instructions on how to install your Kvisp seat, measure your dog, adjust your seat position.

You can also download our detailed instruction manual here.

Tips to ride safely with Kvisp

Help your dog get used to the seat

Make sure your dog is completely accustomed to the bike seat, practice at home with your dog until he/she feels comfortable in the seat. Reward your dog for remaining calm in the seat with a small treat.

Always use "Bike and Walk" Safety Harness

The Kvisp harness protects your dog from jumping out and limits unnecessary movements. Make sure the seat safety straps are adjusted and attached to the front and back of the seat harness.

Do a pre-check

Prior to riding, always check that the seat is secure by ensuring the screws are still tight and that no parts are loose or missing. 

Make sure the seat clicks

When placing the seat in the mounting holder, make sure you hear a clicking sound, which is an indication your seat is installed properly.

Take it slow

Keep your first few rides short and over smooth ground while you and your pet get used to the feel. Increase the length of your rides only when both rider and pet become accustomed and confident.

Never leave your dog unattended in the seat

Due to its higher center of gravity, a bicycle may fall over if parked on its stand or without proper support. You can also use a double stand for your bike to enhance stability.

Bring water!

Always keep your dog hydrated while cycling with them. Bring some water with you – especially on longer rides or hot days.

Don't get distracted by those cute ears

Do not allow your pet to become a distraction when riding. Always keep your focus on safe cycling.

Read the instruction manual before using the seat

Please thoroughly read and understand the instruction manual before placing a pet in the Kvisp seat. Neglecting these guidelines may lead to severe injury. By using the Kvisp pet seat on your bicycle, you acknowledge your awareness and comprehension of all safety warnings and instructions. Be aware that transporting a pet by bicycle inherently carries risks, similar to those faced while cycling. Urban Dog Mobility B.V. (Kvisp) bears no responsibility for injuries that may occur. This product is strictly for use by skilled adult cyclists confident in their riding abilities. The Kvisp seat is designed solely for casual, non-intensive riding. Engaging in aggressive or extreme cycling activities with your pet aboard significantly increases the risk of injury.

Installation in 3 easy steps

1. Install the holder on the bike

Loosen the screws and place the mounting holder, choosing the correct adaptor according to your bike's stem diameter. For mounting bikes use the mounting bike adaptor.

2. Adjust the seat and ensure it clicks

Insert the ends of the seat bars into the holes of the holder while pressing simultaneously the release button. Make sure that the ends of the bars will pass through the holder and you hear a clicking sound, when the button is released.

3. Place and strap the dog

Place the harness on your dog while he/she’s on the ground. It is very important to adjust the harness straps and ensure that the seat safety straps are not too loose.