Will the Kvisp fit my bike?

The Kvisp bike seat is designed to fit most bikes, however there are some fitting requirements to take into account.

If your bike fits a front-mounted baby seat, it will likely also fit the Kvisp seat.

If Kvisp seat doesn't fit - don't worry, return your seat within 30 days.

Bikes that work with Kvisp:

Most (e)-bikes are compatible with the Kvisp mount. As long as your head tube is between 21-40mm in width you should be fine.

Also the seat comes with an A-head adapter to make sure it fits mountain, gravel and other similar bikes.

Classic City Bikes

The Kvisp adapter comfortably fits head tubes between 21-40 millimeters in width.

Mountain/Gravel bikes

With the A-head adapter that's included, the Kvisp also fits on mountain/gravel bikes.


Most E-bikes fit, however do make sure you have a head tube with width between 21-40 millimeters to mount the adapter on.

Bikes that don't work with Kvisp:

Unfortunately some bikes don't fit the Kvisp seat. See below for when this might the case.

If you are in doubt, your local bike store can advise you or simply send us an email with photos to info@kvisp.com and we will let you know whether it fits or not.

Thick/Non-Standard Head Tubes

Some modern (e)-bikes have thick, non standard head tubes. If your head tube is thicker than 40mm, you won't be able to fit the Kvisp mounting adapter.

Drop Handlebars

When using a drop handlebar bike, there is oftentimes not enough space to mount the seat between your upper body and the handlebar.

Fat Bikes

Often times there is no centered head tube to mount the adapter on and there's too little space between the driver's body and the steer for the Kvisp seat to fit comfortably.

Small frame folding bikes

Many of the small frame folding bikes won't have enough space to mount the seat and ride comfortably.

Carbon frame bikes

Putting additional weight and pressure on carbon bikes may damage the carbon frame, so we don't recommend it.

Tips & Tricks

Everybody is unique - both bikes and people.

Depending on height, bike type, skill level in biking, some people ride more comfortably than others. Take a look at the following tips we've seen help users get more comfortable biking around with their furry friend.

Touch the ground

Make sure you can comfortably touch the ground with your feet while seated.

If this isn't the case, lower your seat to make sure you can easily come to a halt without bumping into the Kvisp seat.

Ensure enough space between seat and body

When driving and turning your handlebar, make sure there is enough space between your body and the seat.

Practice riding without your dog first

Before goind on adventures with your dog, practice riding with the seat without dog first to get used to the your new riding experience.

Installation Instructions

For our detailed installation instructions, check our our dedicated installation pag:

Ride with Kvisp

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