Our Story

Making dogs wag their tails is our mission

We're from the Netherlands - cycling capital of the world

The Kvisp story began with our personal need and desire to bike with our dogs and take them everywhere with us.

We are from the Netherlands, the ”cycling capital of the world,” a place known for biking and functional design.

What started as a desire to create a dog-centric and user-friendly way to bring your dog along for a bike ride grew into a greater mission to support humans and dogs to be active together.

You can also have a positive impact on the environment by traveling by bike with your dog instead of taking the car. By replacing only 30% of car journeys that are less than 6 km with bicycle trips, we can reduce CO2 emissions by over 15%. This simple change has the potential to make a significant impact on our environment, and we can achieve it together.

Designing the ultimate dog seat

Our passion for functional and purposeful design led us to create the Kvisp seat. Inspired by the joy kids experience on bike seats, we established a rigorous process, testing multiple prototypes, iterating until we arrived at the the perfect bike seat for dogs.

We worked with design experts behind the world’s best selling and most loved child bike seats, with over 35 years of experience of mobility design and a track record of award-winning designs and first time innovations. 

Co-created with dog parents

Co-creation has always been part of our design process. We spoke with over 200 dog parents across the world, from Amsterdam to Tokyo and San Francisco to understand how they move around with their dogs, hear their obstacles, and listen to their recommendations on how we can build a truly dog-centric bicycle seat.

And we continue to involve the community to help us improve our product, shape Kvisp seat accessories, and keep us focused on solving the most impactful customer/dog problems.

If you have an idea or product recommendation, send us a line on info@kvisp.com

Instant best-seller

The Kvisp seat became an instant hit, generating over US$ 260,000 in pre-sales on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

During our first year we won many design awards, such as IF Design Award, European Product Design Award and Top 100 Dutch Industrial Design Product.